I love to dance, always.
Scientific interpretation of dance and more newer ways to explore movement possibilities  interests me the most. 
This deep interest in dance began as early as I can take my memory back to my childhood. This love for dance grew with time and I developed my physical and artistic abilities through constant mimicking of popular dance sequences/moves from Indian movies. This prompted me to formally learn Bharathanatyam (one of the Indian classical dances), professionally under Prof. Hema Govindarajan at Bangalore and also later from Guru Minal Prabhu at Bangalore. This association with Indian classical dance brought me closer to Indian traditional schools of thought. I became deeply fascinated by various Indian philosophies and I studied many of them closely. These studies have influenced my movement expression and dance conceptualization to a very large extent. I studied allied Indian physical traditions like yoga and Kalaripayattu(martial art form from kerala, India), to learn more of my physical and mental body in its relevance to the space around.
I encountered the world of Contemporary dance in 1998, when I was asked to perform (after a long and rigorous reorientation of my body language) for a show by Dance artist Tripura Kashyap, as part of her contemporary dance company Apoorva, at Bangalore. I continued my training in contemporary dance under Jayachandran Palazhy at Attakkalari Center formovement Arts, Bangalore, India.
In 2006, I enrolled into Jayachandran Palazhy’s dance college for the Diploma in movement arts and mixed media course, at Attakkalari, Bangalore, India. I received training under many European and Indian dance teachers during the Diploma and also later while I was part of Attakkalari’s Repertory company. I joined the dance college’s repertory company as a performer and teacher. My role at Attakkalari was primarily as a dance teacher than a regular dancer on stage. At one point I performed for three heads of states Presidents of India, Brazil and South Africa at a diplomatic event IBSA Summit 2008, held in New Delhi.
I still continue learning at master classes and workshops conducted by Independent Dance artists and dance teachers in India and Europe. I also take short term assignments of teaching dance to children in schools.
….………Improvisation in Dance has always intellectually challenged me to investigate the origin of the movements ………..physically working closely and intensively observing my fellow dancers……..I seek the origin of the human body’s inherent orientation to move …..to experience the various states of body-mind continuum, living in the dynamics with the space around …….….… yes, I am that dancer.
I am in constant search to learn more and to unlearn all that I may not need to reach the essence called DANCE.